Licia He : Portfolio

A selection of projects that highlight Licia's artistic and research activities. Please see the Gallery and CV for more detailed records.

Sparkling Goodbye

Sparkling Goodbye is a generative painting algorithm that celebrates all departures. It is an abstract self-portrait that captures an emotional journey.

Created in 2023, this web-based system was exhibited at Bright Moments Tokyo , where 100 outputs were generated and auctioned.

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Endless Monologue

Endless Monologue is a web-based generative algorithm that creates intimate and emotional visual monologues. Outputs of this algorithm were rendered with watermedia and a pen plotter.

Endless Monologue was exhibited and auctioned through -GRAPH , an exhibition by Feral File in 2021. The exhibition was curated by Casey Reas , featuring 6 artists who share a passion for the combination of code and plotters.

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Punch needle embroidery is a unique type of embroidery that uses loops of threads to create designs. In this work, we describe how a low-cost X-Y plotter can be repurposed to support punch needle embroidery fabrication.

The paper "Plotting with Thread: Fabricating Delicate Punch Needle Embroidery with X-Y Plotters" received Honorable Mention Award at DIS'20 (The ACM Conference on Designing Interactive Systems)

Read More: Toolkit and Overview ; Physical Rendering ; Presentation

Running Moon

Running Moon is a generative painting algorithm that depicts the nuanced interaction between clouds and moonlight. It is a search for boundaries between structure and fluidity, precision and errors. It is a quest for harmony.

This web-based system was inspired by stained glass and watercolor. 500 outputs from the algorithm was exhibited and auctioned through Art Blocks Curated in 2022.

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Drifting Dreams

Drifting Dreams is a generative painting algorithm that captures bittersweet moments along journeys to dreams. It was inspired by my experience as a female learning and working in the tech industry.

This web-based system was exhibited and sold through Companions of Code , an exhibition by Vertical Crypto Art and The NFT Gallery . All proceeds were donated to organizations that support female and non-binary technologists.

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Living with Plotters

Pen plotters are accessible robots that carry various tools across at least 3 directions. When I met my first plotter in 2019, I was instantly captured by how they seamlessly connect digital and physical creative expressions.

Plotters have many underexplored potentials, especially in art, programming, and education. Therefore, I have developed my main art practice around plotters to identify new creative directions enabled by human-robot collaborations.

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